About me

My name is Christian Read (in case you hadn't guessed) , I am a 40 something photographer, who can turn his hand to most styles of photography. I say this because I tend not to stick to one type of genre, but instead keep my horizons open, learning from all types of photography (Weddings, Long Exposure, Wildlife, Models, Studio, Natural light, etc)
A selection of my work can be found here (by going to the gallery tab) , there is also some of my photographic work to be found by following the "FaceBook" link, at the top right hand corner of this page.
I am a "Hobbiest Photographer" (i.e. This isn't my full time job) but I do try to get out most weekends to fulfil my enjoyment of photography.
I am also the syllabus sectretary for a local camera club in Dagenham

I can be contacted by going to the tab "Contact us" on this website and sending me an E-Mail.